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Radio Network planning and Optimization

We Offer

  • Single site verification & RVT (2G, 3G, 4G and WiMAX)
  • All Drive Test (DT) activities and post processing
  • Benchmarking, Cluster adjustment and apply physical changes
  • Multi Technologies: 2G , 3G , LTE , WiMAX Initial Design , Link Budget & Network dimension Planning
  • Nominal Planning
  • Technical Site Survey
  • Cell Parameter Planning
  • Cell Capacity Planning (Traffic Modeling)
  • Expansion Planning (Network Migration)
  • Data collection, Propagation Model Tuning & Calibration
  • Frequency Optimization
  • Nominal Planning
  • Neighbor Optimization
  • Power Optimization
  • Antenna Optimization
  • Parameter Optimization

Radio Network planning and Optimization

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